The Intersection of Dance and Technology: Miral Kotb

In the "Made With Code" Youtube channel, I was impressed by Miral Kotb's motivating story in the video above working at the intersections of her passions: dance and technology (computer code). Since this blog is dedicated to the intersection of photography, the Arts, and technology, it struck a chord. We see what happens mixing dance with LED lighting, electronic technology, and code.

Here is a longer video from the Google Made With Code launch event telling more about Miral Kotb's story.

Now I want to see in person, performances by Kotb's Iluminate dance company in New York.

Made With Code: Limor Fried

While viewing the Youtube video channel last week, "Ask an Engineer", I became aware of the "Made With Code" Youtube channel to help inspire girls and young women to use software and technology to pursue their dreams. The above video featured Limor Fried, founder of Adafruit Industries and I thought, as a maker myself, it was very inspirational for all makers, not only women.

It's Electric

It was a pleasure working with a new model, Erica, during a photo shoot at the Fortress of the Arts, Philadelphia, on Sunday June 29. Together we collaborated on this electrifying image. Shot in the industrial area of the Fortress, fortunately there was no real power available to capture this shocking event.

Photo Montage

Had fun photo shoot collaborating with model Heather Capuano on Sunday June 29 at the Fortress of the Arts, Philadelphia. We used the old industrial area of the building. I made photo montage images with Lightroom-Photoshop CC and this slideshow video using Proshow Producer.

The Holmes Brothers at The Ardmore Music Hall

Last night we enjoyed The Holmes Brothers band performance at the Ardmore Music Hall, Ardmore, PA. They played a mixture of gospel, blues, RnB, rock, and country music for their CD release event.

Wearable Art Technology

Here is an idea for wearable art technology. With help from Photoshop I made this LED fire necktie concept photo.  The actual LED display animates a simulated fire and is 3 inches square matching the width of the necktie.  ( 8x8 LED RGB display). I lengthened the display area to extend 9 inches in the photo, so it could be made with 3 displays.  Model: Kate, at Katseye Studio - Fortress of the Arts, Philadelphia.


3D Photo From a Mirror Image

The above photo is my first experiment with creating a 3D photo using a single mirror. I was disappointed with the result. The right side is the mirrored image. The problems could be that my mirror quality was not good enough,  my setup was not quite right or the images need more editing, probably all three. It is more work in post processing than using twin cameras. I used Stereo Photo Maker.

See the excellent description on the technique at: