Atlantic City on a Summer Night

Droste Frame Spiral

Two versions of a Droste infinite photo of Lauren taken at the Fortress of the Arts in Philadelphia on June 5, 2011. What I learned from this was the frame should have been held with the long side vertical, so that Lauren would completely fit in the frame.

Droste Infinite Spiral Photo 2

Model Consuelo posing for a Droste effect photo from the Nov. 20 meetup shoot at the Fortress of the Arts in Philadelphia.

Droste Infinite Spiral Photo

Last weekend I went to a photography meetup at the Fortress of the Arts, Katseye Studio, in Philadelphia. I asked my model, Jenny, to hold a dart board for some special effects post processing. Here I used the Droste filter with Gimp 2.0 to create this infinite spiral. Droste is the name for infinite picture

3D Photography

My fascination with 3D photography began after seeing View-Master photos ( ) as a kid. About 3 years ago I decided to make my own 3D photos.