Free Mosquito Swarm 3D Game in Google Play Store

Hey everyone with an Android phone - I posted a beta test version of my mosquito Swarm 3D/VR Game to the Google Play Store. The game is still under development and is intended for the Google Cardboard VR (virtual reality) headsets. In this game you aim with head movement and swat mosquitoes  to score points, all in 3D. The code for this game was written with Processing-Cardboard SDK.

If you would like to try this arcade style game please register at the link below to download the free game.

Hope you enjoy it and your comments are appreciated.

My Swarm 3D/VR Game for Google Cardboard

I have been working on a 3D/VR game for Google Android Cardboard and finally have something I can demo. It's a work in progress and is not ready for publication.

I recorded this video to demo my Swarm 3D/VR game. The object of the game is to swat a swarm of mosquitoes and avoid being bitten to score points.

I wrote it with my open source Processing - Android - Cardboard development kit. It has only been tested on my Sony Xperia Z1S phone and this is a video recording is directly from that phone at 1080p.

A link to open source code for the Processing-Cardboard SDK is

Here is link to my blog description of the SDK:

PlayStation VR

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