Stereo Photo Viewer Android App

After many months of work, today, I published my free Stereo Photo Viewer app to the Google Play Store. (Version 1.0.8 out of beta testing!).

My motivation for the app was to have a way to quickly and easily view my stereo 3D/monocular photo portfolios on my phone. Not satisfied with features in apps already available, I wrote my own. For example it has a feature to read a QR code with URL links to a web page with embedded stereo/monocular photos.

The app can be used with Cardboard viewers, but does not support head movement (that is another project on my TODO list!).

For the best viewing experience, I made my own custom Cardboard viewer with Lorgnette stereoscope lenses that have a wide field of view. I think my app will work very well with the ViewVaster, but I find that device too expensive for me to buy and try it out. It does work with Mattel ViewMaster VR, but does not support VR head movement features, only screen tap to advance to the next photo.

Mosquito Swarm 3D/VR Android App for Google Cardboard

My free Mosquito Swarm 3D/VR arcade game is available on the Google Play Store. (Version 1.3 now out of beta testing!)

I wrote this app using Processing-Android and the Google Cardboard SDK.
See Github for the open source software SDK used to write this app.