Flag Light Painting

Painted with the my LED light stick.

Iwo Jima Memorial

A recent trip to the Iwo Jima Memorial, Arlington, VA.

Arlington National Cemetery

A recent trip to Arlington National Cemetery

Memorial Day Flag

Waving the flag for Memorial Day.

Made with my LED light stick in a light diffusing box.

Random Lights

Spinning the LED Light Stick while it cycles through random rainbow colors. 15 seconds at F22, 28 mm. No diffusion sheet over LEDs.

La Gata

Here is my photo of our yawning cat redone as a light stick image (no diffusion sheet over the LEDs).

Technicals: LED Light Stick image cropped: 56 mm, ISO 200, +6 stop neutral density filter, F4.5, 10 seconds.
The image used in the light stick had .49 gamma color adjustment and resized to 80 x 64. The camera was on a tripod as I moved the stick, in a upward, downward, upward pattern. Moving the stick this way made the image more 3D like.

Here is a another version using a light diffusing film over the LEDs (without using a neutral density filter)::

Barnes Foundation

Listening to WHYY radio, Philadelphia, today on my way to work, May 16th, I heard a report by Peter Crimmins, about  the Barnes Foundation coming to Philadelphia. 


Peter Crimmins gave an excellent overview about the move to Philadelphia and Barnes philosophy. One thing that struck me in his report was an audio clip from Dr. Barnes' about education:

Education is not primarily a preparation in youth for the future, but is a constantly developing process that covers the span of life, It's goal is to make what happens to us more understandable, more significant, by stimulating the initiative and inventiveness of each individual.

I also believe learning is a life long process too, not something you only do in school.

Photographer's LED Light Stick

Over the past few months I constructed a LED light stick for light painting night photography. It is a work in progress with more software to add, and other improvements to be made. I'm experimenting with it to see how it can be improved and be a photographer's tool.

I was first inspired to build a light stick from the Digital Light Wand by Michael Ross, Light Painting Photography,  and The LightScythe.

My design makes it easier to create and display images and patterns using the stick without doing any programming or code modification. The above example was made by twirling my light stick as it changed colors in a rainbow pattern.

I'll add more information as I update this post over time. Last updated on May 26.