Processing for Google Cardboard VR Update

Hello Google Cardboard Developers: I updated my open-source repository for Processing-Cardboard to use the latest version 3 of Processing-Android (as of 2015-12-08). You can get it at:

With Android Studio you can write Processing/Java code (includes Google Cardboard SDK) to build Android 3D/VR apps for your phone with Google Cardboard viewer headsets. The above photo is a screen shot from a test app in the code repository on Github.

My motivation to update was to keep in sync with IDE 3.0 using the Android Mode that added many improvements. I fixed a problem I was having displaying 3D photos in Cardboard coded with Processing libraries. And I fixed a problem with resuming cardboard view updates.

This revised code works well with my beta Android apps under development: Swarm 3D and Stereo Photo Viewer. I'll be updating these app betas in a couple of weeks.