Grounds For Sculpture VR/3D Montage


I made this VR photo montage from 3D photos I shot a few years ago at the Grounds For Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ. It was made with toolkit for Google Cardboard Camera app VR photosphere image format. 

Download the photo to the DCIM/CardboardCamera folder on your Android phone, then view with the Cardboard Camera app or supporting file viewer. REQUIRES 2136 x 1440 display or larger, and works with the Samsung S6 smartphone. 


UPDATE 2015/12/31

I shot the stereo photos with twin Olympus Pen E-PM2 cameras and Panasonic 14mm fixed lens (28 mm equivalent 35mm lens.) Image sensor size is 17.3 mm x 13.0 mm (4/3). The FOV (field of view) used for the XMP GPano parameter calculations was 49.7 degrees (vertical) instead of the horizontal FOV of 63.4 degrees for this camera/lens combination. I used the following calculators for FOV: field of view calculator and angular field of view calculator

---- XMP-GPano ----
Cropped Area Image Height Pixels: 1440
Cropped Area Left Pixels        : 0
Cropped Area Top Pixels         : 1887
Cropped Area Image Width Pixels : 10524
Initial View Heading Degrees    : 90
Full Pano Height Pixels         : 5215
Full Pano Width Pixels          : 11307