This Photo Makes Sense in 3D

Today I captured this photo of tree bark with my phone camera. It's a peeling American Sycamore tree. Looking at this 2D photo may be puzzling. The question is you don't know for sure if the center section is where the bark had already peeled away or not. Looking at the tree straight on with one eye closed does not answer the question. You could circle the tree with one eye closed but that's not an option.

In this parallel (side by side) 3D photo you can clearly see that the peeling bark has not dropped off the tree yet. It is about 35 cm long (14 inches). 

In this second 3D photo you can see where the bark peel away revealing green bark underneath. The bark peel is curved.

More information about Sycamores can be found at

I shot the 3D photos using the cha-cha method captured with the Open Camera Remote app on a Samsung S7 phone. The camera app was launched from my 3D/VR Stereo Photo Viewer app. I had to wait for a windless early evening to use the cha-cha technique.

Next I aligned the left and right photos I captured with Stereo Photo Maker software. For the most comfortable stereo effect I placed the peeling bark just behind the stereo viewing window (phone display screen). Then I copied the aligned photos back to my phone for viewing with the 3D/VR Stereo Photo Viewer. 

Here I post the largest resolution photo size from the camera with cropping, so you can zoom in to see the bark in great detail. In 3D it's very realistic. Sometimes I think 2D photos are boring.

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