Prediction about Apple iPad 3-D

Will the forthcoming Apple iPad 3 have an extra [Display] Dimension? What a great marketing catch phrase for Apple:  iPad 3-D, if it does.

Only a few know for sure and they are not telling us. Based on what I see for the technology in the near future, it is not likely there will be a no-glasses display, such as the FujiFilm W3 camera screen, due to size and expense. Hope I am wrong about this because I would like a 3-D iPad with this type of display.

A less expensive possibility is a polarized screen that would require passive glasses. That idea seems contrary to Steve Job's vision of simplicity, so a no-glasses display seems like a requirement. But I don't think the glasses are so bad (I wear them all the time), especially if you can get prescription passive 3-D polarized glasses. I noticed filmmakers and editors who make 3-D movies use the glasses during the filming and post-production of their movies.

There are rumors on the net that the new iPad display has much higher resolution than earlier models. So if the display is improving, could it be designed for polarized 3D?

There are also rumors about a new forthcoming Apple TV system. If they sell a TV monitor would it have 3-D capability? I think it must, because 3-D is the future direction of cinema and 3-D technology has improved  for making these films. Due to the expense, a 3-D display, I think, would be a passive polarized display requiring glasses.

I don't think 3-D is a fad. It takes additional equipment, skill and knowledge to make really good 3-D media, along with all the other elements of 2-D cinema, like a good story, acting, etc.

If the iPad 3 has a 3-D display, then it would need four cameras, two in front and two in back. That would result in a top of the line iPad for sure.

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