Pina - Dance Documentary Film in 3-D

"Pina" is a modern-dance choreography documentary film in 3-D. I enjoy watching dance performances, so it's release caught my interest. The film is a tribute to Pina Bausch, a German choreographer by director Win Wenders.

I want to see this film, but can't find this documentary movie in any Philadelphia area theaters yet.

Quoting from the article above:
Despite the public's limited ability to see 3-D now, Wenders has no plans to shoot in 2-D ever again

The filmmaker and Pina director Wim Wenders said "That would be like returning to something ancient."
I am beginning to take Wender's stance with my photography, and am doing more 3-D work when I can. I noticed that my Youtube videos of my still photos get many more views when they are 3-D.

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