Droste Models


On July 21, I attended a house party, lifestyle, glamour photo shoot named, "Photiesta, the First" organized by Albert Heefner with the Philadelphia Glamour Photography Group. 39 models, makeup artists, and photographers attended this meetup to network and create images for everyone's portfolio. Every time I go to an event like this, I improve my skills, and have fun.

I asked a few models to hold a plate, tray, or paper package, to get images that I could later post-process to create infinite pictures, known as the "Droste" effect, or picture in a picture. I used the open source Gimp 2 photo editing software because it has a Droste filter available for this purpose.



To create a Droste photo you need to duplicate your image as a layer and then add transparency with "Add Alpha Channel" to the layer. Then erase the area (i.e. plate held by your model) where the infinite photo will be placed, and apply the Droste filter. The filter is found under the menu item Filter->Generic->MathMap->Map->Droste. I did not get carried away with the filter settings, I kept it simple, with 0 strands, the default is 1 strand. Here are the settings I used:

When I first started using this filter, it took some time to understand what each parameter does. By experimenting you can build up your skill level with the filter.