Composite 3D

I reworked this composite photo from the "Betty Davis Eyes, Film Noir" photographer-model meet-up shoot at Katseye Studio in the Fortress of the Arts, Philadelphia.  This photo was shot two years ago on October 10, 2010. At the meet-up we photographed models on several different studio sets.

For this shot I used twin Nikon D-80 cameras on a tripod with 18-55mm kit lenses to capture left and right images. I mounted the cameras horizontally on a home made support bar and triggered the shutters with a home made diode OR controller. The distance between the camera lenses is 170 mm.

At the time I found the controller worked OK in natural light for still subjects, but had a problem with studio lights because the shutters do not trigger at exactly the same time. The result was that one image was frequently under exposed slightly when shot with flash. Only recently did I solve this problem with a modified Camera Axe 3 controller that I reported on previously.

This photo is a composite from two images combined with Photoshop Elements 9 and then merged the left image and right image with StereoPhotoMaker to create the stereo image.

D-80 camera settings were 1/30 sec, F8, ISO 400, 26 mm focal length. Natural light.