3D Camera Cha-Cha

Aligned and cropped cha-cha photo

I photographed these flowers in 3D using the cha-cha technique available with my latest version of 3D Stereo Photo Viewer and Camera Cha-Cha menu option launching the Open Camera app. I aligned and cropped the above photo using Stereo Photo Maker. The cha-cha technique is only good for static subjects with no movement anywhere, i.e. no wind.

Unaligned  1:1 square cha-cha photo
Here is the same photo before alignment or cropping. I used a 3x3 grid overlay with Open Camera so I could see the main subject offset relative to the grid marker for best 3D effect. Even without alignment, I thought the 3D photo was pleasing to look at because it was not too badly misaligned when shot.

Photo taken with a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone, Open Camera, and 3D Stereo Photo Viewer, and alignment/crop using Stereo Photo Maker.

My last blog posting about the cha-cha technique was