Samsung Galaxy Phone Suggestion - Add Twin Camera Feature

Samsung Galaxy phone with twin camera (photoshop concept suggestion)

Here is a suggestion I sent to Samsung today.

I bought a Galaxy S6 phone and Gear VR headset last year, and  I enjoy using these devices. One addition hardware feature I would like to have in a future phone is a second primary camera, spaced horizontally 65 mm from the first with the flash between the two lenses. With this enhanced phone and the Gear VR, I could capture true 3D photos and videos and have a way to view them easily with the Gear VR HMD. Plus with the cameras it opens up possibilities for new AR apps too. This feature seems like the missing piece to the puzzle of getting more out of my phone. Thank you.

Adding another camera may present problems with space, the phone might have to be thicker. And a faster or dual graphics processor will be needed for AR/VR with two cameras.