Open Camera Remote App

UPDATED 2017/01/24

Today on the Google Play Store, I published a free Android open source camera app: Open Camera Remote. My camera app is a modified version of the open source Open Camera  app by Mark Harman for Android phones and tablets. The Open Camera Remote app listens for broadcast message camera shutter trigger commands when connected to a local WiFi network.

Used with the WiFi Remote Capture app, you now have the capability to take photos and videos simultaneously with multiple Android smart-phone cameras. The WiFi Remote Capture app uses a local WiFi network to transmit capture/shutter release commands to all the cameras that are connected to the same local network. You can use this pair of apps for 3D stereo photography, multi-camera angle video shoots, multi-camera VR panoramic image capture.

At a social gathering, party, photo shoot, or other group event with all the participants using the Open Camera Remote app to take photos or videos and all participants connected on the same local WiFi network, you can trigger all the cameras to take pictures at the same instant. 

The WiFi Remote Capture app now works with two types of cameras:
1. Samsung NX500/NX1 Cameras
2. Android smart-phones running the Open Camera Remote App