WiFi Remote Capture for Twin Camera 3D Rig

UPDATED 2017/01/24
Screen shot of WiFi Remote Capture Android App

Here's a link to my new free Android app to trigger photo focus/shutter and video record/pause operations with firmware modified Samsung NX500/NX1 cameras.

The app sends shutter control commands to multiple cameras on a local WiFi network via broadcast messages. I use it for 3D photography with a home-made twin NX500 camera 3D rig. No more control wires, but I sometimes had to carry a portable WiFi DHCP link router with a phone charging battery to power the router, plus a smart phone to run the Remote Capture app.

Now with an updated app version 1.3, I only need to carry a phone to run the app and uses its mobile hot-spot feature for a local WiFi network. With this hot-spot DHCP feature available in the phone, I no longer need a separate router to carry with me.

Some phones like my Samsung S6 (t-mobile) require you to have a sim card to use the WiFi hot-spot feature, but I was able to use a Sony Z1S phone (t-mobile) without a sim card to run the WiFi hot-spot local network. This phone also runs the Remote Capture app.

Detail information about usage and code you need for the NX500 camera can be found at: