3D Mannequin - But Not Augmented Reality

Reflection with Mannequin
This 3D photo was not created or modified using Photoshop. It was shot with a Samsung S8 smart phone camera using the cha-cha method to serially capture 3D stereoscopic left and right eye views. I used the Open Camera Remote app to help with taking the 3D photo. The L/R photos were aligned, sharpened, text added, and cropped by Stereo Photo Maker, no other changes were made to the images.

The photo is the interior of a retail woman's clothing store that went out of business and they left these two mannequins on the dark floor inside. I shot through the store window and caught the reflections from the street outside. The mannequin on the left was bright enough to overpower the outside light and the mannequin in the back right side was not obscured by the outside light and shows the floor it is standing on.

The 3D photo looks like an augmented reality scene, but it's not computer generated. This photo is possible due to the dark interior of the store.


  1. This is a good example of a "natural" Pepper's Ghost effect, the store window both reflecting and transmitting, thereby serving as a beam splitter.

  2. Link to Wikipedia entry for Pepper's Ghost