Daniel Rozin - Mirror No. 12

Daniel Rozin - Mirror No. 12 - 3D SBS
This is a 3D photo of an interactive art display, Daniel Rozin's Mirror No. 12, 2013 (custom software, computer, video camera, screen) in an exhibit at the Cornell Art Museum, Delray Beach, Florida.

Shot with Samsung S8 camera smart phone using the Open Camera Remote app in 3D cha-cha mode.

@CornellArtMuseum Courtesy of the bitforms gallery, New York, New York

I'm in the back left taking the 3D photo. 

Here is a Processing code example that will generate mirrored block video images in real time to create interactive mirror art.

Running this code example with size(1280,720)  using my laptop webcam produced this 1280x720 screen capture:

See https://processing.org/tutorials/video/  for more information about this technique.

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