3D Cha-Cha

Do you want to take 3D photos, but don't want to invest in a pair of cameras or the Fuji W3?

Well you can make 3D photos with one camera using the cha-cha method. First lean to the left, snap the shutter to get the left photo, then lean (shift your body) to the right, and take the second right photo. You must keep your camera positions parallel, do not point converge (aim, tilt) your camera towards your subject as the right shutter releases. The amount of distance you cha-cha will depend on your distance to your subject. The further away your subject, the more spacing between the camera positions for a dramatic stereo image. Also make sure your subject(s) do not move. Your eyes are about 65 mm apart, so that distance works for close subjects.

Once you have your left and right images, you open them as left and right images in Stereo Photo Maker, http://stereo.jpn.org/eng/stphmkr/ Then align and adjust. This amazing free software converts your photos into several possible stereo formats. Unfortunately there are only SPM versions for Windows or Windows emulation on the Mac.

I shot the above photo of the Dutch woman statue in Amsterdam, Netherlands, using the cha-cha method and converted it into red+cyan color anaglyph formats. You'll need red+blue glasses to see the stereo effect.

Here is the same photo in the Dubois anaglyph stereo format:

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